The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase occurs every 1 April and applies to most broadband and phone customers in the UK.  

Every April, we review the price of our products and services (including your plan charges) according to the CPI rate of inflation, plus up to three per cent. This annual price review is part of your terms and conditions, and is lower than the current price rise commitments of other major providers.

What the CPI means for your account 

We use the December CPI rate to work out your new prices, which apply from 1 April.

For example, if you’re paying £30 per month, and the previous December's CPI rate is two per cent, we may apply an increase of up to five per cent. At five per cent, your monthly price would increase to £31.50 on or after 1 April. 

We'll always get in touch with your new prices at least 30 days before the price rise takes place.

More details about the CPI and your Shell Energy Broadband account

Struggling to pay?

If you’re struggling to pay your bill, or think you may need more time, please get in touch. Our team can discuss the support options available to you.

More about the CPI

The CPI is a measure of whether the cost of goods and services is going up or down, based on average price changes from across several industries. The figure is released by the Office for National Statistics each month. Find more information on the Office for National Statistics website.

CPI is a widely recognised measure of the general level of inflation. Several industries use it as a guide on whether to adjust prices and by how much. Shell Energy, like other providers, adopts CPI for all annual price rises on our broadband and phone products.