We’ve made the decision to close our Directory Enquiries service (118 855) from 5 April 2022.

As more and more customers have access to affordable broadband we’ve seen a consistent decline in demand for this service.

We realise that for some customers this will be disappointing news. Alternative 118 Directory Enquiries services are available from other providers but their prices may vary so please do your research.

I can’t read or use the phone book

If you can't read or hold the phone book due to an impairment, illness or disability, you can apply for free 195 directory enquiries. As a registered 195 customer, all you do is dial 195 and speak to an operator who'll find the number you require. You can also be connected to the number found at the same rate as if you'd dialled it yourself.

To sign up for this service, you'll need to complete an application form, which will need counter signing by a medical professional. For an application form, call the registration team on 0800 587 0195. Opening hours are 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.  Please note: this service is not provided by Shell Energy.

What happens if I dial 118 855 from 5 April 2022

This service will no longer be operational from 5 April 2022. If you dial this number you’ll receive a disconnected tone advising you that the number you called can’t be connected (you won’t be charged for this call).