If you’re a prepay customer, here are the answers to FAQs about the price cap

Why are you changing the price of my prepayment tariff?

Ofgem, the UK’s energy regulator, has set a price cap for customers on a prepayment meter, which makes sure you pay a fair price for your energy. The price cap limits how much suppliers can charge you per unit of energy, and is based on the costs that Ofgem calculates we need to spend to get energy into your home. 

All energy suppliers must apply the price cap, and you’re price protected as you use a prepayment meter. The price of our tariff will change to bring it in line with the cap, with an increase for the vast majority of customers.

The increase is driven by a record rise in global gas prices, with wholesale prices quadrupling in the last year. We work hard to keep our costs low so we can absorb as many of these costs as possible. But, unfortunately, the latest increase in wholesale prices has been so significant, we’ve had to increase our rates in line with the new price cap.

What can I do if I’m unhappy about my new rates?

If you’re unhappy with the new rates, you’re free to switch suppliers without charge. If you’re repaying a debt via your prepayment meter and the debt is £500 per fuel or less, your new supplier must accept the debt as part of the switch. If your debt is more than £500 per meter, the new supplier may agree to transfer the debt, but isn’t obliged to.

What are the rates for the Flexible Prepayment 7 tariff?

For a dual fuel, typical usage prepayment meter customer, the average cost will be £2,017 per year.

How much of an increase is this?

Our Flexible Prepayment 6 tariff was set at £1,309  for a dual fuel, typical usage Prepayment meter customer. So this is an increase of £708, based on Ofgem’s average for a home with medium dual fuel energy use*.

Can I move from the Flexible Prepayment 7 to a fixed-price tariff?

We don’t currently offer a fixed price prepayment tariff. 

You may be able to switch to a credit tariff, depending on your circumstances and the type of meter you have, and whether we can replace your meter with one that supports credit tariffs. If you’re using your prepayment meter to repay a debt, we can’t replace your meter, or offer you a credit tariff.

I have a traditional (non-smart) meter. What’s the maximum I can top up?

How much you can top up differs for electricity and gas. 

Electricity: Your meter can hold a maximum of £255.

You can top up your electricity key by a maximum of £49 per transaction.

The key can hold a maximum of £255.

Gas: Your meter can hold a maximum of £999.

You can top up your gas card by a maximum of £49 per transaction with PayPoint, or £99 with PayZone.

*Ofgem’s medium dual fuel - 12,000 kWh gas and 2900 kWh electricity.