Your Direct Debit anniversary marks 12 months since we took your first monthly payment. We use this to assess your monthly Direct Debit payment and make sure you’re paying the right amount for your energy. 

Paying by monthly Direct Debit lets you spread the cost of your energy over the year. As these costs will change with the seasons (you’ll typically use more energy in winter when you’ve got the heating on), we’ll aim for you to have a balance of £0 on your Direct Debit anniversary. This means we can calculate what your monthly payments need to be. 

What does my anniversary date mean for my monthly Direct Debit payment? 

We understand situations change, so we aim to assess your monthly Direct Debit every three months. We’ll also assess it when Ofgem announces a price cap change.

If you’re paying too much or too little, we’ll amend your payment to reflect your energy use up to your anniversary date.

The only time we’ll reassess your monthly Direct Debit past your anniversary date is if it’s fewer than 90 days away. When this happens, we’ll reassess you using next year's anniversary date. 

For example: 

If your anniversary date is Tuesday 31 October 2023 and we reassess your Direct Debit on Friday 1 September 2023, we’ll calculate your reassessment to Thursday 31 October 2024.