What is an In-Home Display (IHD)?

An IHD allows you to see when you use energy in your home. While your smart meter (or meters, if you have dual fuel) collects your energy usage information, the IHD displays it in an intuitive and easy-to-access format.

Using your IHD means you’ll be able to see your credit balance and your energy use in kWh, as well as in pounds and pence. You can also use it to manage your top-ups.

How to get the most from your IHD

To fully benefit from the information your IHD provides, it’s worth keeping it within easy reach - for example, by the kitchen table or TV cabinet. Remember though, the IHD needs to maintain a good connection to your smart meter, so keep an eye on its signal strength.

What type of IHD does Shell Energy provide?

IHDs come in different shapes and sizes. Shell Energy Prepayment customers are kitted out with a Chameleon IHD6 in-home display. If your device looks different, please refer to the manufacturer's guide for details.