What is an In-Home Display (IHD)?

Your IHD allows you to see when you use energy in your home. While your smart meter(s) are busy collecting your energy usage information, your IHD will display it all for you in an intuitive and easy to access display.

Your IHD utilises the information collected by your smart meter so that you’re able to see your daily, weekly, monthly or annual energy usage in kWh and pounds and pence. It also allows you to understand how much each appliance in your home approximately costs to run and you can set your own energy budgets.

How to get the most from your IHD

To fully benefit from the information your IHD provides, it’s worth keeping it within easy reach - for example, by the kitchen table or TV cabinet. Remember though, the IHD needs to maintain a good connection to your smart meter so keep an eye on its signal strength.

What type of IHD does Shell Energy provide?

In-home displays come in different shapes and sizes. The Chameleon IHD3 is one of a few types of in-home display that Shell Energy supplies. If your device looks different please refer to the manufacturer's guide for details.